Vitae 3in1 ENN biodynamic bulb Hynek Medřický

Three unique lights in one bulb:

Orange step without blue and green (1200 K)
NEW yellow step (1800 K)
Honey step (2000 K)

Perfect for relaxing in the evening and preparing for sleep.

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Vitae 3in1 ENN biodynamic bulb Hynek Medřický
Vitae ENN EN
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Vitae 3v1 ENN

The new version of the biodynamic bulb Vitae ENN (evening-night-night) has three steps, just like the Vitae DEN (day-evening-night) and Vitae EEN (evening-evening-night). The first orange step of the Vitae ENN is identical to the first step of both the Vitae DEN and EEN, the second step is yellow with an extended innovative spectrum and the third honey step is familiar to some of you who have the Vitae EEN. Vitae ENN is also suitable, according to its name, for relaxing in the evening, preparing for sleep and possibly for the night (breastfeeding, going to the toilet...).

  1. Orange step without blue and green (1200 K) as you know it from the basic Vitae DEN. The color is like a smoldering fire, like when wood burns. It is used 90 min before sleep (hygiene in the bathroom, reading in the bedroom, etc.) and during the night in case of arousal, because it does not desynchronize the circadian rhythm and does not suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone of darkness
  2. NEW yellow step (1800 K) without blue, with a minimum of cyan and green with an extended spectrum, to the so-called deep red wavelength region, which according to available scientific studies has positive effects on the protection of the retina of the eye.
  3. Honey step (2000 K) with a minimum of blue and green, the colour reminds a warm candle fire. At home it creates a beautiful atmosphere of warm light, perfect for relaxing in the evening before using the first orange step 90 min before sleep.

Works with a standard E27 screw thread.
Vitae bulbs do not have the subliminal flicker (flicker-free) that some individuals are sensitive to, this makes your eyes rest better.

The bulb is switched by a simple switch (on the lamp cord or in the wall).
When switched on for more than 11 seconds since the last time it was switched on, the light is ALWAYS orange, completely free of blue and green spectral components, and therefore safe during the body's preparation for sleep (90 minutes before bedtime), during the night and before sunrise.

When switched off and on again within 11 seconds, a yellow light is illuminated with no emission in the blue region and with a significantly reduced proportion of cyan and green components, suitable for the living room or dining table or even for reading before bedtime, but we recommend switching to the 1st orange step, which contains neither cyan nor green, for the last 30-45 minutes.

When the yellow light is switched off and switched on again within 11 seconds, a honey light with a reduced blue component is lit, suitable for relaxing in the evening.

The bulb is primarily intended for use as a local reading lamp in bed, on a table or beside a reading chair, not as the main ceiling light.

1st step - NIGHT mode 1.4 W, orange (1200 K)
2nd step - NIGHT mode 3.1 W, 1800 K, CRI 95
3rd step - EVENING mode 4.1 W, 2000 K, CRI 96

Proportion: length 12 cm, diameter 7 cm

Designer: Hynek Medřický

Manufacturer: AS 2031, Sázavská 32, Prague 2, Czech Republic

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