Vitae 3v1 EEN - NEW biodynamic bulb Hynek Medřický

Three unique lights in one bulb. It supports performance, helps calm the mind and promotes sleep

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Vitae 3v1 EEN - NEW biodynamic bulb Hynek Medřický
Vitae EEN EN
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Vitae 3in1 Een

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New Van Vitae Een (Evening-EVENING-NIGHT) day, but a new honey step, something between warm and original Vitae night orange. This is the Vitae Een version ideal for the evening, evening and night time :-) Contentpasted1 "> Water orange and new honey step is ideal below eye level, creating a relaxing light, so -called pools of light pools, similar to fire or candles closer to the ground.
  1. Step: Night and Pre-Bett orange without blue and green (1200 hp) Night Vitae. Color is like a smoldering fire when the wood burns. It is used 90 minutes before sleep (hygiene in the bathroom, reading in the bedroom, etc.) and during the night in the event of arms because it does not synchronize the circadian rhythm and does not suppress the production of melatonin, hormone darkness.
  2. Step: New honey step (2000 h) with minimal blue and green, color reminiscent of the warm fire of the candles ️. At home it creates a beautiful atmosphere of warm light, ideal for relaxation in the evening before you use the first orange step for 90 minutes before sleep.
  3. Step: Warm white second), it is used in the evening after work, when you switch from white working light to light warmer.

  4. works with the normal E27 thread. This makes your eyes rest better.

    The bulb switches with an ordinary switch (on the cable of the lamp or in the wall).
    After a period longer than 11 seconds of the previous turn, the orange light, without blue and green spectral components and thus safe during the preparation of the organism for sleep (90 minutes before bed), during the night and before sunrise .
    when switching off and re -on in 11 seconds, the honey light with a significantly reduced proportion of the blue component, suitable for evening relaxation.
    Warm white light and turn on up to 11 seconds light up warm white light with a reduced proportion of the blue component, suitable for evening relaxation.

    The bulb is primarily intended for local reading lamps in bed, table or reading chair.

    1. Step - Night Mode 1.4 W, Orange (1200 K)
    2. Step - Mode in the evening 4.2 W, 2000 K, Cri 96
    3. Step-Mode in the evening 4,9 W, 2700 K, Cri 98 p>

    Dimensions: length 12 cm, diameter 7 cm


    manufacturer : As 2031, Sázavská 32, Prague 2, Czech Republic

    More information about our bulbs on www.vitaelight. com

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