Red glasses against blue and green light bright Hynek Medřický

Ideal red blue and green light blocking glasses for beginners

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Red glasses against blue and green light bright Hynek Medřický
Red glasses against blue and green light bright Hynek Medřický
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First Step into the World of Healthy Light


Bright red glasses work just like the universal ones – they don't let blue or green light through, which disrupts our circadian rhythms in the evening and before sleep. They are suitable for beginners looking for acute help with sleep problems. With universal red glasses, you need to get used to them, and a new user may not see everything they need through them. With light red glasses, everything is clearer.

For people who feel they need to address their sleep deficit or fatigue, blue and green light-blocking glasses are therefore an ideal helper. They can try them, and if they find that they really help, they can switch to universal red glasses. The big advantage of these is that they shift the light energy into the photobiomodulation range. Then, for example, they can give light red glasses to someone close to them who also struggles with sleep and fatigue problems.

We recommend that you put them on 90 minutes before bedtime, which is the optimal time to prepare your body for sleep.



Blue Light Won't Reach Your Eyes


Thanks to the thoughtful design of the red glasses, blue light won't penetrate to your eyes from the sides, top, or bottom. It won't have a chance to disrupt your circadian rhythm. Our red glasses can also be used with prescription glasses.





Suitable for Beginners, Can Later Serve as a Gift


Through light red glasses, even a person who is just starting with light-blocking aids before sleep can see well. Once you get used to them, you can switch to universal red glasses and pass on the light ones, maybe to someone close to you.



During Shift Work and Against Jet Lag


Red glasses can be helpful for shift workers who have trouble falling asleep after work. They can also be used when traveling to different time zones as a prevention against jet lag.





For Indoor Use

Protective red glasses are used indoors, for example, if you need to finish work on a computer in the evening or look at your phone before sleep. However, do not use them when moving outdoors or when driving a car; for that, we have orange glasses.







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" Get two pairs of glasses. If you can't find one in the dark, you'll reach for the other, which will always be in the same place. But most importantly, one should sleep at night! "

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Category: Vitae
Materiál:: Odolný plast
Rozměry:: šířka zorníku 150 mm, Výška: 55 mm, Délka nožičky: 127 mm
Vlastnosti:: Blokují modré a zelené světlo zepředu, shora, zdola i ze stran. Průduchy na stranách brání zamlžení.
Blokace modrého a zeleného světla: 99,5 %
Světelné spektrum:: max 636 nm, 12,13 mW/m2
Obsah balení:: Brýle, ochranné pouzdro z tvrdého plastu nebo látkového obalu, čistící mikrovláknový hadřík

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