Red glasses against blue and green light for children Hynek Medřický

Red safety glasses designed especially for children

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Red glasses against blue and green light for children Hynek Medřický

Protect your children's healthy sleep

Healthy sleep is extremely important for children. Therefore, they should not be exposed to blue and green light in the evening. Especially for children, we bring a smaller model of protective red glasses that block these components of the spectrum. They thus help children maintain a natural circadian rhythm.

The best effect is achieved by using it 90 minutes before bedtime, which is the optimal time for preparing the body for sleep. At this time, they should no longer watch TV - red glasses are used to protect children's eyes when, for example, we read them a fairy tale under white light or from a tablet. It will also be useful on the way to the bathroom.


Blue and green light will not reach your children's eyes

Children's red glasses are designed to fit well on the faces of your loved ones. Thanks to the thoughtful design, blue or green light does not enter their eyes from the side, top or bottom. So it won't have a chance to disrupt your baby's circadian rhythm.




They move the spectrum into the photobiomodulation area

Red glasses filter light with short wavelengths (up to 570 nm), which is undesirable for our organism at night. At the same time, they shift the spectrum of incoming light to the 660-670 nm range. It thus releases beneficial photobiomodulation energy into the eye, which has regenerative effects.


While reading fairy tales or going to the bathroom

Red glasses prevent your children's biorhythms from being out of tune due to the effect of blue light in the evening and at night. They can have them on, for example, when we will read them a bedtime story in unsuitable light or from a glowing tablet screen. It is good for them to put on their glasses even when going to the bathroom or other areas with unsuitable light.






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Get two glasses instead. If you can't find one in the dark, you'll reach for the others, which will always be in the same place. But most of all, he has to sleep at night!

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Category: Vitae
Materiál:: Odolný plast
Rozměry:: šířka zorníku 150 mm, Výška: 55 mm, Délka nožičky: 127 mm
Vlastnosti:: Blokují modré a zelené světlo ze všech směrů. Přiléhají na obličej.
Blokace modrého a zeleného světla:: 99,5 %
Světelné spektrum:: max 643 nm, 9,76 mW/m2

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