Protective foils against blue and green light - Hynek Medřický

Even small light sources can desynchronize your circadian rhythm. Paste them over.

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Protective foils against blue and green light - Hynek Medřický

orange and red foil on blue light block

and small light sources-alarm display, thermostat, children's electronic baby monitors or LED lights on different devices-emit blue and green light. This disrupts our circadian rhythm and slows down the formation of melatonin, depriving us of a quality sleep. In the long term, we are threatened with various civilization diseases.

Therefore, it is necessary to think about details. We have an effective tool for you: Pour small light sources with a protective red or orange foil that blue, respectively. Green light filters out to help maintain the proper functioning of your biorhythm.

Red Foil Effectively Blocks Blue Light

Red protective foil filters out the blue and green components of the light spectrum. It is ideal for gluing LED lights and other small light sources that are not important to read the display at night. However, some displays are easy to read with the foil, you need to try it.

orange foil will retain the readability of the display

Orange protective film can be used on all displays that you need to use in the evening - LCD displays of appliances, children's electronic baby monuments, thermostat, alarm or alarm clock. It will also be used to overlap the staircase lighting.

picture 4

against unpleasant exterior light

orange foil will also serve to overlap the reflector, which is unpleasantly shining from the street into the bedroom. If necessary, you can easily peel off, so you will not commit any vandalism. In addition, orange light outdoors have a significantly less impact on the wild types at night.

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Materiál:: Plast
Rozměry:: 150 x 300 mm nebo 150 x 150 mm

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