Orange glasses narrow Hynek Medřický

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Orange glasses narrow Hynek Medřický
Orange glasses narrow Hynek Medřický
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protective orange glasses that do not let blue light and almost do not reduce the overall light level. They filter wavelengths below 500 nm, on which the cirkadian system is the most sensitive, but they release a large part of green light and all light yellow, orange and red. As a result, the human brain can largely perceive colors and see great in a slightly illuminated space. The effect of light on the formation of melatonin is not completely zero but is significantly reduced.

orange glasses block the blue component of light, but not the green. Orange glasses are worn in the period 90 minutes before sleep, when it would be necessary to block blue and green wavelengths using red glasses (or lighting without blue and green spectral components), as a compromise between the accuracy of visual perception and the protection of cirkadian rhythm. As it releases green light and does not reduce overall illumination, you can better distinguish colors such as green traffic lights and see well in a little illuminated outdoor environment. Therefore, orange goggles are ideal for walking a dog or traveling home by public transport 90 min before bed, when you would otherwise wear red glasses. At home it is ideal to replace them with red glasses.

blue light does not penetrate the eyes because the leaf is close to the face. Dioptric glasses can be used through orange glasses.

Material resistant plastic, orange color.

The package is a hard plastic protective case in black.

Warning: Orange glasses are not intended for long -term wear and do not replace the insufficient length of sleep.
do not use orange glasses when driving motor or non -motor vehicles. They reduce vigilance and impair visual perception.

Dimensions: lens width 17 cm, height 4.2 cm


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