Linear LED luminaire for indirect lighting Hynek Medřický

Linear LED light = bright sky in your interior

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Linear LED luminaire for indirect lighting Hynek Medřický
Linear LED luminaire for indirect lighting Hynek Medřický
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Indirect illumination will brighten your home

linear LED luminaire creates beautiful homogeneous lighting in the room. Even during the cold days you will have your private clear sky at home. Our LED bar has a CRI 98, which means that the colors of the illuminated objects render in real terms - almost like the sun that has a Cri 100.

We set the spectrum of the luminaires so that it has a distinctive azure component. It is finding a circadian -active, ie anchoring our biorhythm, promoting vigilance, attention and cognitive performance.

LED bar just connect to the socket and place it on a cabinet or south a raised area. You don't have to install anything. It shines up at an angle of 30 degrees. It will not dazzle you, you will only see perfectly uniform light without shadows and reflections. Will brighten the whole room evenly.

turns the interior from cave to place "under the sun sky"

Most households have a light solution so that the light falls from top to bottom. This creates a cave effect - the ceiling is dark and the eyes are dazzled. Our LED strip illuminates the room indirectly, reflection from the ceiling. It evenly puts the entire interior with a pleasant light.



pleasant light similar to the sun supports our performance

During the day we need a clear full-spectrum light that anchor our circadian system. Outside we have it from the sun, inside our LED luminaire will help. It has a balanced light spectrum with a strengthened procognitive azure component and CRI (color loyalty) 98 out of 100!

to the kitchen, living room or study

Linear luminaire is ideal for lighting in rooms where we spend time during the day. It will serve us when working on Home Office or learning. In the evening, at the latest hour and a half before sleep, we should turn it off to avoid disturbing our circadian rhythm and preparing the organism sufficiently for sleep.


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A thoughtful design, ease of use

The linear luminaire is 180 centimeters long and has an asymmetric triangular cross-section. It shines up at an angle of 30 degrees and the light is optimally reflected from the ceiling and spills into the plant. Just plug it in the socket and place it on the cabinet or library. It is ideal to leave 40 cm of free space above it, but enough is 20 - 15 cm.
Category: Vitae
Materiál:: Tělo z anodizovaného hliníku, čirý difuzor.
Rozměry:: Délka: 180 cm, šířka: 3,5 cm, délka kabelu: 6,1 m
Světelný tok:: 8000 lm
Příkon:: 75 W
Barva světla:: Neutrální bílá, 4000K
CRI:: 98

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