Vitae 3in1 DEN - biodynamic bulb Hynek Medřický

3 unique lights in 1 bulb. It supports performance, helps calm the mind and promotes sleep

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Vitae 3in1 DEN - biodynamic bulb Hynek Medřický
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We didn't have to think of anything new. It was enough to copy the sun

We created a unique biodynamic bulb Vitae to resemble the natural sources of light-the sun and fire as much as possible. It has three modes, each for a different phase of the day. Its light can help you maintain the synchronization of the circadian rhythm, our inner biological hours that control the events in our body.

shines with bright white light during the day. It mimics the daily solar spectrum and promotes focus on work, learning ability and cognitive brain capabilities.

After work or in the evening, you can switch the bulb to warm white light mode. Spectrically resembles the setting sun or pleasant glow of fire and creates a pleasant atmosphere to relax and calm the mind.

an hour and a half before sleep Vitae will help you prepare for a night's rest. Switch it to orange mode, which is completely without the blue light spectrum component. It promotes the production of melatonin and quality sleep. Vitae will serve you well even if necessary to shine during the night.

A thoughtful control system that protects your circadian rhythm


If you light the Vitae biodynamic bulb after more than eleven seconds from the last turn, the orange light always lights up.

Orange light contains no blue or green spectral components. This will not disturb your biorhythm when preparing for sleep or at night.


If you turn off the orange mode and turn the Vitae turn on again in 11 seconds, the warm light lights, suitable for evening relaxation.

When you switch the bulb after more than 11 seconds, it returns to orange mode. In the evening you will not threaten bright white light.


If you turn the warm white mode off and turn the Vitae back into 11 seconds, it will shine with a bright white light with a high blue component.

This light, similar to the sun at noon, is ideal for work, learning and other daily activities that need to concentrate and be active.

bulb that will support your biorhythm

Biodynamic bulb Vitae with its three color regimes promotes the undisturbed functioning of the natural circadian rhythm. It can be a good aid to fight sleep disorders, fatigue or concentration problems.
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Beautiful colors without distortion

The bright white Vitae mode has a CRI 96, warm white even 97. The higher the light source has a higher CRI, the more faithfully the colors of the objects on which they shine appear. The maximum value, CRI 100, has the sun. Rushing LED bulbs are around Cri 80.

does not flicker and tires the eyes

Biodynamic bulb Vitae is the so-called flicker-free, that is, unlike conventional "intelligent" light bulbs does not flicker. The brain does not give us any feedback on the subliminal flashing, negatively affects and tired. But you can safely perform work and other activities for Vitae.


use it in local lamps

Vitae is not determined as the main lighting source. It is suitable for local lamps that shine on a desk, bedside table or in our favorite chair for reading. Let us never forget the opaque shade so that the light does not dazzle us.

Behind Vitae is the years of our progress

Biodynamic bulb Vitae is the result of almost thirty years of experience we have with light and luminaires. We developed it in the Czech Republic and produce it in Cologne nad Labem.

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Vitae has a sophisticated design

We designed our biodynamic bulb so that it lasted at least 15,000 hours. Its design ensures that the chip that controls it will not overheat. It can be screwed into any lamp with a rushing E27 thread.

Three shades of our eyes is enough to

Vitae does not offer a wide range of different shades of color light like many modern RGB bulbs. It is our conscious decision. We chose exactly the three shades, respectively. Color modes that are truly needed and usable in harmony with our biorhythm.

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Excellent aid for night breastfeeding

Orange Vitae does not contain blue or green spectral components. There is no risk of night breastfeeding that the light will disrupt the mother or child's biorhythm. This is particularly important for newborns, as it is still creating its circadian rhythm.

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The unique construction is confirmed by patents

Biodynamic Žiarovka Vitae is unique. This is confirmed by patents from Europe, Japan or the USA. We are also waiting for the final confirmation of the patent by the world organization of intellectual property (WIPO).

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